It all started 8 years ago, when I asked my brother to borrow his camera for a trip I had planed. Instead, he offered to buy me my own camera and in return I just had to take him with me on my future journey. You can guess what happened from that point in my life, getting more and more enthusiastic with time, diving deeper into the world of photography.

The camera in question was (and I still keep it!) namely Canon 400D with its respective, for many reasons well-known kit lens. Up until now, some of my own personal favourite photographs I have taken were shot with this very system.

Based in Bulgaria, I love shooting landscapes, as this part of the Balkan Peninsula is great in terms of landscape diversity. Wether it is the alpine appearence of Pirin and Rila mountains with their peaks, rural life and green fields of Rhodope mountains, Balkan mountain’s cliffs and slopes, bulgarian seaside with our Black Sea or just woods and lakes – I still find them compelling and even more appealing with each visit.

Many thanks to the people who have been inspiring me, as well as to the ones who have been challenging me. Keep it going :)

My name is Jordan Savoff, a self-thaught photography enthusiast, born and living in Sofia, Bulgaria, working in the film industry as a visual effects artist.

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